The REVIVE DECOR store is now relocated to La Prairie on the South Shore of Montreal.  Originally located at the heart of Pointe-Claire Village, it is in 2001 that REVIVE DECOR had its grand opening! Since then the store has been in a constant evolution and has doubled in size.  

With over 25 years of experience as an Executive Head in the largest retail chains both in apparel and furniture,  it is in 2012 that Pierre Vallée decides to take a new turn in his career.  Given his expertise of the market and his professional training in interior design he launched PIERRE VALLÉE DÉCO DESIGN in 2013.

Always reaching for new goals and to assure his clients would have a more complete and exceptional shopping experience he turned to retail.  In 2014 he acquires REVIVE DECOR who specializes in furniture and decoration accessories.

Even though he kept the eclectic style of the boutique, he initiated a transformation to create a more exclusive and unique blend of collections and services that makes REVIVE DECOR the perfect one stop shop.  

The store now holds under the same roof a personalized service of design and interior decor.

CHIC & ECLECTIC, to the most classic pieces of furniture to the wildest accessories.

The objective is to inspire change and novelty! It will be our pleasure to welcome you…